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TE Playshop -- CONNECTION 11-15 April 2022 Franking (A)



Planning your spring holidays?

               Want a transforming, inspiring adventure?

                              Want to take home inner peace?

                                             Then join us for a TE Playshop!

In this Playshop we’ll use Tri-Energetics’ tools to explore CONNECTION:
* energetic connection to the center of the earth,
* connection with beautiful nature in the Austrian countryside,
* connection with ultimate concerns… with the Great Mystery,
* connection with others, making friends, and sharing,
* connection to Your Essential Self.

Start the day in silence with yoga and a meditative mantra.
Embrace and enjoy remarkable nature surrounding you on every side.
Connect authentically with others, sing, dance, and express yourself.
Share your truth in a safe, accepting circle and individual counselling sessions.
Relax deeply and renew your body, mind-emotions, and spirit.
Experience the practical magic of Tri-Energetics (TE).
Join us for this powerful and fun experience.
Enjoy being who you really are.

Tri-Energetic Playshops are based on three convictions:
* we all want inner peace,
* we all have something we want to change or accept,
* all these things are easier to achieve in a loving supportive environment.

Playshops are a residential group experiences designed to give participants a new lease on life through a unique mix of psychological interventions, yoga, shamanistic ceremonies, music, and mantra chanting.

For over thirty years, Rickie Moore, PhD and Henry Marshall, PhD led Playshops. They inspired people who were newcomers to personal development as well as seasoned professionals to experience laughter that is as healing as tears. Today, Henry and his team carry on this Playshop tradition of offering personal work that is playful.

When: 11 - 15 April 2022
                         beginning Monday 18:00, with dinner -->
                         ending Friday 12:00 noon, followed by optional lunch

Groupleading: Henry Marshall and Sonja Rauschütz

Music: Jeroen de Geus

Organization: Bert Boiten


Tuition per person for the 4-day group: € 480

Registration for the Playshop: Personal Registration

To register and bill through your business: Business Registration

Venue: SEMINARHAUS HOLZÖSTERSEE, Holzleithen 15, 5131 Franking, Austria                   www.seminarhaus-holzoestersee.at

Accommodations: Please make your own arrangements for your room with the Holzöstersee team. Single and double rooms with full board — prices for 2022 are TBA :: :: +43 6277 8228. Delicious and healthy vegetarian food is provided. If you have special needs, please communicate directly with the Holzöstersee team. They really do their best. Shuttle services are available upon request.

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