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Relax into Now

by Rickie Moore, PhD

posted: April 20, 2009

As a psychologist, I know how important it is for people to let go and relax. Stress is a major factor in our mental, emotional and psychic health.

For many years I have been encouraging people to practice yoga, chant mantras, and/or simply relax to soothing sounds. Throughout the years of leading workshops (Playshops) and trainings, I have written songs, actually musical affirmations, that are easy to learn and to sing. When we’ve played these singing affirmations as a layout after yoga or dance, or after intense psychological work, people invariably feel comforted and calm.

Now, at last, we’ve recorded six of these songs. You dont have to consciously listen to the words to benefit from their effect, but if you do listen consciously the messages act as a portal to the present moment. This CD is best played whenever you need a break, after yoga or exercise, before bed, during a massage, while stuck in traffic, paying taxes, or sitting on a park bench.

My heart is filled with deep gratitude to many people without whom this project would never have been realized.
Wonderful Playshop participants, Tri-Energetic counselors and students, friends and family have sung these songs and encouraged me to record them. Raimund Mauch deserves special thanks. Although logistics did not allow him to record on this project, for over twenty years he has played and sung these songs magnificently in our groups in the German language.
Talented musicians and singers contributed brilliant heartfelt performances. The vocals of Jean-Philippe Seunevel, Caitlin Devlin, and Mark Fondz were all truly magnificent. The musical improvisations of Mark Fonds, Paulus Vis, Vanja Kova?ev, Peter Rechsteiner, Maarten Nooter, and Fred Kosers created a unique magical sphere for each song.
The patience and faith of Fred Kosters let him engineer the sound and mix with incredible creativity and sensitivity. I also thank him for the more than twenty years he sang and played these songs wonderfully in the Dutch language.
My beloved co-producer and husband, Henry Marshall, always supported, inspired, and taught me what its all about.

These songs have come from my heart. I hope they touch yours.


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